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Mini Boom in UK property market?

One would think the potential financial crisis coming our way due to Brexit and Covid would devastate all sectors of the economy. But it seems the property market is not only unworried but actively blooms in it. This research, provided by our friends at Property Checklist shows that UK property prices are slowly, but surely creeping up and up.

Fundamentally, property is an essential need. People will always want good quality homes that are comfortable, in attractive locations and most importantly, safe and secure. Most people, when buying their homes, look at the areas, schools and that feeling one gets when finding their "perfect home" and a small increase in their budget is normally justified by higher LTVs from their banks and the long term thinking of buyers. Often, these buyers are almost always right because once they find their perfect home, they are more likely to stay there - sometimes for decades. An overpayment of 5% when you bought it matters very little in the long run when you spend a long and happy life there.

This is one of the reasons we at PTF are in it for the long game - thinking far ahead about the design of the homes we are providing, their layouts and ultimate usability of effective space. We sincerely hope that people living in homes provided by PTF are enjoyed for decades.